The ELS School at Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard offers an extensive programme for the children to choose from after school. We begin with the Stage 2 children who choose from Kindermusik and Playball. In the following year, we offer a more extensive programme as the stage 3, 4- and 5-year-olds are ready to take on a longer and more complicated day. They may choose from Teddy Tennis, Playball, Mini-cricket, Mini-Tennis, Ballers, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Ballet, Kindermusik, Hip-Hop, Clay Creations, Rugga Roots, Golf, Loving Maths and French.




The Atlantic Seaboard is a city school on a small campus, but with an excellent sport and cultural offering. The children are bussed to various state of the art venues every afternoon where professional coaches train and teach in small groups. The children may choose from traditional sports such as Cricket, Netball, Swimming, Tennis, Rugby, Soccer, Cross-Country (Athletics), Golf, Basketball Chess, Choir, Living Maths, Clay Creations, Mixed Martial arts, Karate, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Drama, Art Club, Experibuddies, Young Engineers and French. In the Music Department, students may study piano, singing, wind instruments, wind ensemble, guitar, percussion, violin and various bands.




The collaborative element of team games is highly valued and students are encouraged to participate in sporting events with a variety of team and individual sports on offer. Dance, Drama, Music and Art and Design are offered as creative outlets for our students and complements our rigorous academic programme.

Extra curricular activities include: Cricket, Tennis, Swimming, Water Polo, Surfing, Golf, Athletics, Hockey, Soccer, Netball, Rugby and Yoga. In addition, we offer a weekly clubs and societies slot where students choose from a range of clubs e.g cooking, jazz band, road running, film making etc.

Most of our sports take place at facilities off the campus. Our teams enjoy their sports and we are proud of the on-going successes of our sportswomen and sportsmen.