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Leading premium education group launches world’s first online school with access to over 80 physical campuses


Leading premium education group launches world’s first online school with access to over 80 physical campuses

In a global first for the education industry, Inspired Education becomes the largest premium international group to take education online with the launch of King’s College Online.

King’s College Online will be unique in that it is not only the first online international school launched by a global group, it will also provide its students with access to over 80 physical premium schools around the world. Inspired successfully operates eight prestigious Reddam House schools and three Reddford House schools in South Africa.

Named after leading schools already within the Inspired portfolio, King’s College Online will first launch in China and New Zealand in January 2021. Rapid roll-out will see courses available in South Africa, the UK and northern hemisphere from September 2021.

King’s College Online will give South African students between the ages of 14 and 18 the opportunity to receive an internationally accredited secondary school qualification (international GCSE and A-levels) combining all the benefits of full-time online learning of the highest standard with the ability to access premium Inspired physical facilities at over 80 schools around the world, including leading schools in Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Australia and New Zealand, in addition to all the Reddam House and Reddford House schools in South Africa.

Nadim Nsouli, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Inspired Education Group, says, “This is an example of the advantage of being part of a leading global group of premium schools. Throughout the pandemic, we have shared best practices in virtual learning, reopening and hybrid learning with our schools around the world. This has allowed us to develop a unique online school that enables, for example, a child from South African to spend part of their school year in South Africa and part at any of our prestigious schools worldwide.

King’s College Online has been developed by leveraging 50 years of academic excellence and experience from the King’s College schools and the best teaching practices from over 80 Inspired schools around the world.

All King’s College Online students will follow the Pearson (Edexcel) International GCSE and A-level curriculum. The subjects available for both the International GCSE and A level include accounting, biology, business studies, chemistry, Chinese, economics, English, mathematics, and physics.

The Certified Pearson qualifications are globally recognised by leading universities and academic institutions worldwide, including Oxbridge, Ivy League universities, and universities in South Africa. Inspired has an exemplary track record in academic achievement – 90 per cent of Inspired students worldwide achieve entry to their first choice of university.

While many students will be doing extra-curricular activities at home, King’s College Online also offers the widest variety of co-curricular activities that support the online learning, such as art, coding, drama, music, subject specific activities, talent shows and Model United Nations. The small tutor groups and physical attendance at the schools of their choice for King’s College Online students gives them even more opportunities to make friends and develop their talents.

Students can take part in special interest programmes, including sports and music, in summer or winter camps delivered by prestigious Inspired partners such as the Real Madrid Foundation for football or Berklee College of Music for the preforming arts.

Graeme Crawford, Reddam House founder and founder of the Crawford Schools in South Africa, adds that the success of Inspired Education’s digital offering during the COVID-19 pandemic motivated the global group to imagine an all-online school. “Our programme appeals to parents who want an international education for their children. A Kings College Online student might choose to physically attend schools on a different continent each year of their secondary school education. These short-stay programmes are much more manageable than committing financially to a year or two in an overseas school.”

Students will take part in live, real-time lessons and small tutor-led study groups. The lessons will also be recorded and made available online for any student not able to join in at the scheduled class time. Weekly performance tracking assessments will provide feedback for students and their parents.

Educators who are leaders in their field with proven online skills from across the Inspired network of schools have been selected to teach at King’s College Online and will be given access to the latest in digital educational tools.

Ravi Nadasen, CEO of Inspired Education South Africa, says this new school model provides the opportunity to future-proof a student’s education. “The world has learned a lot through the pandemic about being ready for the unexpected – and Kings College Online ensures that students’ education can continue uninterrupted, whatever is happening around them, or even if a student has health issues that precludes them from regular school attendance. We’re proud to be among the first countries to offer this highly innovative model, and we look forward to welcoming new students in January.”

Inspired Education Group in South Africa has been delivering an internationally respected curriculum that includes a range of academic, cultural and sporting activities, through its Reddam House and Reddford House schools for over 20 years. Nadasen adds, “The group’s philosophy is founded on nurturing individuality, talent and self-assurance in a secure and relaxed environment. Students are equipped to face an increasingly challenging global future with pride and confidence.”

Footnote: King’s College Online takes its heritage from Inspired’s King’s College group of schools – with seven schools across Europe and the Americas. It has no relationship with The Kings College & Preparatory in Bryanston or The Kings Schools anywhere in South Africa.

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