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Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard has a ‘multi-form’ which allows the expression of individuality in a community setting. Students are able to choose from a variety of items within the ‘multi-form’ range. They are expected to wear formal uniform one day per week and on certain formal occasions.

The Early Learning school has a special uniform for the year which also allows for freedom of choice and expression. Well designed, child orientated items of clothing which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Uniform items can be purchased in person at the Reddam House Constantia campus. Once a registered student it is possible to order online and have clothing delivered directly to Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard. The Parents and Friends Committee facilitates the second-hand shop which is housed in the parking area on campus. The proceeds from the sales of second-hand clothing is donated to Give Back Projects under the auspices of the P and F Committee.

021 701 6677
at the back of Reddam House Constantia, 1 Reddam Ave, Tokai, Cape Town.